Feeling Fanciful with Friends



Feeling FanciFul, llc, is delighted to bring everyone’s Favorite Fairytale characters From aFar, now traveling ellis county and visiting birthday parties and special events – singing, dancing, storytelling, and oF course, sprinkling pixie dust everywhere they go!

We were fortunate enough to catch an interview with the famous Little Mermaid as she was passing through town to one of her parties in Waxahachie:

What inspired you and your fellow royals to start attending parties on land?

Everyone deserves at least one dream to come true in their lifetime! Since my fellow royals and I have all experienced the most wonderful dreams come true, we thought that we should all get together and go make dreams come true for our friends in nearby kingdoms. Then, when we heard about Feeling Fanciful, and their mission to help feed hungry children and give them a better future, we knew we had to be a part of that. And birthday parties and special events seemed like just the way to do it!

What do you enjoy most about attending parties and meeting new people with your new-found legs?It has to be seeing the smiles on so many faces! I love making new friends, and making dreams come true is one of my favorite things to do. Creating those magical memories that will last a lifetime is priceless to me!

Who are your fairytale friends?

Oh I’m friends with almost every fairytale creature everywhere, and we all get together frequently. The Snow Sisters host banquets and royal balls for all of us at their castle now that the gates are open up there. Beauty always manages to bring some sort of intriguing story for everyone, while Snow White brings her apple-free pie, and by the time Sleeping Beauty wakes up from her nap and Cinderella finds her slipper we all start twirling the night away. We have connections to pretty much every fairytale friend there is and they all love entertaining parties!

How can we invite you to our party?

Oh, this is the best part! So instead of sending a pigeon to try to reach us, our friends at Feeling Fanciful have made it super easy for you to invite us to your party. All you do is visit feelingfanciful. com (they call it a web site, I think) and follow step by step to pick your party experience and invite us from there!

What other types of events do you do besides birthday parties?

We love visiting large public events or private tea parties, too – or any other event with fanciful friends for that matter! We have created experiences for special events where we get

to sing and socialize and take portraits with everyone. I think we decided to call them Meet & Greets… But anyway, we have hosted several of those at different special events, and they’re the best!

What would you say to anyone who is considering inviting you to their party?

We want to be part of your world, and we promise to give you a party that is fintastic with magic and memories! Every time you party with us, dreams also come true for a child in need. Once you’ve invited us, we spend several hours in preparation for your special day in order to bring the most memorable, enchanting experience for everyone. We hope you’ll invite us because we can’t wait to celebrate with you and make so many dreams come true!